The End

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It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I must announce the closing of CrossFit Rocky Mount. Our last day will be Saturday, September 17. My original goal was to be open five years and we will almost complete our sixth. I had also hoped that someone would come along that could devote the time and energy to keep the box going and maintain the atmosphere conducive to fitness and a sense of community. Unfortunately that person has not arrived.

We are all pulled in so many directions it is difficult to keep the single mindedness required to run a gym. Personally I have taken on a greater level of responsibility with my other job and cannot continue to devote four to five hours a day to keep the gym going.

There are so many people to thank for making CFRM the highlight of my day for the past six years. Obviously I could not have done it without the support of my trainers. They spent a considerable amount of time and money to learn about CrossFit methods and become Level 1 trainers. They spent countless hours at the gym passing on their knowledge and skills to our members with no monetary compensation.

Most importantly I want to thank every one of the athletes that have come through our doors. Many times I have said there were days that I did not feel like going to the gym, but went anyway because I had to unlock the door. Without exception every one of those days I was glad I did. The members of our little CrossFit community always made CFRM a fun place to be. I believe that together we have changed lives. Not only with improved fitness, but also with more confidence and ability to handle what life throws at us.

Going forward my plan is to have the best home gym around. I only hope I will have the discipline to go out to my garage and pick up a barbell. Please help me with that by coming to my house on a regular basis to work out. If not I hope we have instilled the desire to live a lifestyle of fitness and health and that you will find a way to continue that lifestyle.

You guys are the best and I will love you all forever!!



Time Caps Revisited

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I posted this exactly one year ago. We have many new members who will benefit from it and the veterans need to be reminded.


People sometimes need to be reminded why CrossFit works. Why is it you were working out for over an hour a day at 24 Hour Fitness but you see better results with CrossFit? You were doing circuit training and running on the treadmill, but now you lift weights and do a 12 minute workout with way better results. How does that happen? The answer is simple. CrossFit has added intensity. Simply put, we put a score and a clock on the workout and expect you to move loads quickly. Likely, working out like this is not something you did before you were doing CrossFit.

People need to be reminded about intensity because often they get hung up on “as prescribed” being the goal of training. Let’s use the workout “Fran” as an example. Everyone wants to do Fran “as prescribed” (RX’d). It’s 21/15/9 reps for time of thrusters and pull-ups. Fran is a meant to be a barn burner. Fast! I’ve always preached that Fran in less than 5 minutes is good. Fran less than 4 minutes is great, and Fran under 3 minutes is awesome. Often I see people try and do Fran RX’d with times well over 8, 9, or 10 minutes(Me). I know that doing it as RX’d is a great accomplishment, but in reality, after 8 minutes, the intensity factor is completely missing. Basically, you’ve spent just as much time resting as you have spent working. You have taken the CrossFit out of CrossFit.

I am adding time caps to most workouts we post on CrossFit One World. Rather than worrying about doing a workout with the prescribed load or reps, I challenge you to try and finish it within the time cap, especially since I am instructing all trainers to CUT OFF THE WORKOUT ONCE THE TIME CAP HAS EXPIRED. Training is more than just trying to get fit. It’s a journey about learning what you personally are physically and mentally capable of doing. When you are new, you likely have no idea how to scale Fran so you finish in under 5 minutes. Keep meticulous records of your training! Did you go too light or too heavy? How did you feel afterward? Eventually, you will be able to look at any workout and know exactly how long it will take you to finish, or how you need to scale it in order to finish AND keep the intensity in the workout. Discovering your capabilities is a long journey, but one well worth it.

One last thing about intensity….. We do not program workouts over 30 minutes at One World. They are just silly. There is no intensity in a 30+ minute workout. Again, too much rest! Lots of folks like the long workouts because they think they are great for their “cardio.” They think that if you sweat a lot then you are “burning calories.” I recently visited another gym and the partner workout was 1 mile run with a med ball, 200 squats with a medball, 200 burpees with a medball, 200 sit-ups with a medball, and another 1 mile run with a medball. The workout took Chyna and I about 44 minutes. I sweat a lot. I burned calories. I accomplished a long workout. In the end I wasn’t tired or wiped out. I was just irritated that the workout took so long! The workout had no intensity. I will argue that doing a 200m run with 25 of each medball movement in 5 rounds with rest in between rounds would have been WAY more beneficial to my overall fitness. LONG WORKOUTS DO NOTHING FOR YOU! All they do is train you to be slow. Rather than some 60 minute kitchen sink workout, try doing Fran under 5 minutes 2 or 3 times within 30 minutes. That will knock your socks off AND make you better at CrossFit. (Anyone wanna do that?)

Random final thought…. Most people do some 45 minute workout then post about it on Facebook. The post usually has a picture of some crazy, delicious, unhealthy food they reward themselves with afterward. Mission accomplished and defeated at the same time. What’s wrong with you people?!?!? Haha.

New Year Programming & Nutrition Seminar

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The New Year always brings new goals. Whether you have made a goal to get stronger, faster, bigger, smaller, or just simply more fit…. Achieving your goal starts with following a solid strength program. We begin 2015 with a linear progression strength template. We’ll follow this current template for three months or so. Later this week you will see 5×5 rep schemes (it’s been awhile). Start your 5×5′s at 60-65% of your current 1 rep max. If you don’t know what your one rep max is, always play it safe rather than go for broke. We will be building up in weight every week.

In an effort to maximize the benefits of our strength training we must optimize our nutrition. I will be offering a free nutrition seminar following our WOD on Saturday. We will discuss practical aspects of what and how to eat to maximize performance. It should be beneficial to beginners as well as experienced CrossFitters. Will try to keep it to an hour or less. Respond to this posting or sign up on the board if you plan to attend.



New Stuff at CFRM

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I trust you all had a very Merry Christmas and are now ready to continue your quest for elite fitness. You may have noticed some new faces at CFRM. We are experiencing a surge in our membership and hope it will continue. Please remember that your word of mouth is our only form of advertising so please continue to pass the word.

With this new and anticipated growth we are making some changes that I believe will be beneficial for our new members as well as our veterans. The first is our “On-Ramp” program. It consists of 6 one on one sessions followed by 6 small group sessions over a four week period. Each session lasts an hour and is an introduction to CrossFit philosophy, movements and nutrition. It is scheduled at a time that is mutually agreeable to the new CrossFitters and their trainer. In the past new people did our “Newbie WOD” the first day and were then thrown in with everyone else to sink or swim. This was very intimidating and stressful physically and mentally. It led to most people only returning a few times or not at all. It was also detrimental to our veterans because all the trainers’ time and attention is directed to the newbies. With this “On-Ramp” we will have a trainer dedicated to the new people as well as a trainer dedicated to the regular classes.   As you all know the CrossFit lifestyle requires a commitment to self improvement. To fully begin to see the benefits of CrossFit it takes a month of consistent training. Therefore we are asking for a financial commitment of $300 to complete the On-Ramp program. I realize this is not cheap, but compared to a personal trainer at other gyms it is a bargain and will achieve better results. If you have made an upfront commitment you are more likely to complete the entire program.

Also with our recent growth you have noticed that the gym gets a little crowded at times. We are all competing for space and equipment as well as input from trainers. To help alleviate this crowding we are going to implement specific class times on our busy days. So beginning in the new year we will have a class from 5:00-6:00pm and one from 6:00-7:00pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Our hours are unchanged, 4:30-7:30. You are welcome and encouraged to come in ahead of time to warm up, stretch, skill practice or just bs. Just be ready to go at your chosen class time. If you are not ready you will have to wait for the next class time. If you are not a part of an ongoing class and waiting for your class to start or have completed your class you can do whatever you want, but please do not interfere with the class. For starters we will just have the set class times on Monday – Wednesday, our busy days. Thursday through Saturday will be unchanged for now.

One more thing. In the four years of CrossFit Rocky Mount I have never changed our membership fees. It has never been my intention to make money through CFRM and I do not want finances to be a barrier to fitness. However our rent has increased and I need to be closer to breaking even. Therefore there will be a $10 per month across the board increase in fees beginning 2015. CFRM will remain the least expensive CrossFit box in North Carolina. All of this will take some adjustment and we will tweak it as needed. Your input is welcome even if we are unable to accommodate it. Remember it is your gym too. I thank you all for making CrossFit Rocky Mount the best gym in the area!


Cherry Picking

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A short word about cherry picking your workouts.

When you totally plan on working out, but then you don’t because you don’t like the workout, you are a CHERRY PICKER. If you don’t plan on working out, and it just so happens that the workout you are skipping has stuff in it you dread doing, then you are just DAMN LUCKY.



Just sayin’

Holiday Guilt Trip

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The Top Five Ways to Gain a TON of Holiday Weight


You worked hard to keep yourself healthy and fit this year, didn’t you? Well, those of us over at the Whole Life Challenge headquarters have decided that there’s no better way to celebrate all the positive choices you made … than by adding a ton of holiday weight between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve.


And we aren’t talking about muscle mass. We are talking about good, old-fashioned fat. After all, doesn’t everyone want to get nice-and-squishy during the holidays?


So throw out everything you know about health and fitness, my friend! Here is our countdown of the top five ways to gain a TON of holiday weight, brought to you by the high-level advisory board at the Whole Life Challenge headquarters.


  1. Start by fasting all day before a celebration.

There’s no smarter strategy for kicking off the holidays and setting the foundation for gaining a ton of weight than by waking up on Thanksgiving morning and forgoing your healthy and normal-sized breakfast. When you starve yourself all day long, you will be sure to binge on the stuffing and mashed potatoes. And what better way to add all sorts of weight than by shoving boatloads of starchy carbs into your mouth?


And if you really want to commit to adding another ten, fifteen, or even twenty pounds to your frame, do not eat anything before you hit all those Christmas parties either. Don’t do it. After all, your hosts will be sure to serve nothing but rich desserts and carb-heavy feasts.


So avoid eating sensible, pre-party dinners at home. That’s a surefire way to kill your temptation to binge on party food. If you eat a reasonable portion of lean protein with green veggies before you hit all those parties, you won’t have any room for appetizers and brownies!


  1. Whatever you do, don’t drink water throughout the day. Instead, drink calorie-heavy holiday drinks.


Eggnog should do the trick. Just pour some into your Camelbak and start swiggin’. Be sure to drink some beer while watching the Thanksgiving football games … and some wine while getting ready for that office party … and then some holiday cocktails when you get there.


When you drink alcohol, your body will produce a hormone called gelanin, which basically is the hormone that lets you know you are hungry … even if you aren’t!


Some people make the mistake of drinking water throughout the day to buffer the effect of food and alcohol. Big mistake! Water is like kryptonite to your weight-gaining plan. It has this annoying side effect of making you feel satiated. It basically suppresses your appetite.


Thumbs down!


Oh, and that reminds me of my third tip …


  1. Scarf down your meals as fast as you can.


Last Saturday, the famous competitive eater Joey Chestnut ate 9.35 pounds of turkey in 10 minutes. You can put Joey to shame: Just binge away!


Eat as though you will never again see another plateful of turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing for the rest of your life. And while you are at it, try to eat the entire can of cranberry sauce. Just check out the back of the can: It’s got no nutritional value other than 25 grams of carbs and 21 grams of sugar. You have hit the jackpot. And that jellied goodness is undeniably delicious too.


Here’s the deal: It takes your stomach 20 minutes to let your brain know that it is full. If you relax, chat with your family, eat slowly, and sip some water between bites, your stomach and your brain might catch up. You’ll feel satiated before you have had a chance to gorge yourself.


And that puts your weight-gaining goals in jeopardy!


  1. Put exercise on the backburner.


Have you ever started exercising, only to find that it makes you want to not only exercise more, but also eat well and get more sleep? It’s called a feedback loop, and it basically means that the positive results you get from living a healthy lifestyle make you want to continue living a healthy lifestyle.


That sounds like a giant, fat recipe for failure! If you make exercising a priority instead of shoving it onto the back-burner where it belongs, you will be less likely to make all those unhealthy choices that result in gaining weight.


Some people wake up on Thanksgiving morning and go out for a Turkey Trot. Or they sign up for a CrossFit class at 8 a.m. on Thanksgiving. Some people even take their families hiking or sledding on Christmas Day.


Can you imagine?


These poor fools are determined to kick off their holidays with a healthy feedback loop. Bless their hearts.


But wait. There is one truly great way to gain weight during the holidays. It’s the mother of all weight gain plans …


  1. Make sure you have an endless stream of holiday snacks at home at all times.


You know what I’m talking about … all those great treats you never have the chance to eat the rest of the year. Those tins of popcorn are basically a trifecta of weight-gaining potential partitioned into three delicious flavors for your convenience. What about sugar cookies and peppermint bark? Just plop up all on your countertop, prepared to help you pack on every last holiday pound available.


Hey, while you are at it, put some of those red and green M&Ms in a festive bowl, and stick those bad boys on your coffee table so you can nibble endlessly while binge-watching a Law & Order marathon.


Some people decide to keep their households clean of junk food. They figure that if they stock their kitchens with healthy fruits and veggies, good fats, and lean protein, they will limit their unhealthy choices to outside activities. These people are using something called “moderation.” They recognize that the holidays are a time to celebrate and treat themselves, but they decide to limit their indulgences to true celebrations while keeping their homes free of temptation.


Those people are missing out on their true weight-gaining potential. They are probably only going to gain a pound or two, max.



Strength Endurance & A Big Thanks

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First of all a huge Thank You is in order for making our Fourth Anniversary party a huge success! Effort and performance on the Newbie WOD was incredible! Not only were there many PR’s there were many new Rx’s that have not been there in the past. We are continuing to progress as a group. Hard work is paying off.

Also thanks for the fine “paleo” dishes that were brought in. Just proves that healthy eating can be delicious! And finally thanks to Amber Shingleton who invited Eric and Mary from Koi Pond Brewery to bring their beers for us to try. They mirror the CrossFit philosophy of quality over quantity. Well done!

And now on to a new segment in CFRM Programing.

Today we start a new strength cycle. The focus of this cycle will be strength endurance.

Our goal for the next 6-8 weeks is to build up your endurance under load. The theory is that better endurance under load means that when we get back to linear progression, you will be able to push harder in those last few heavy sets. Also, just like with any solid strength program, you will get better at your conditioning workouts.

Strength endurance is a lot of fun. Fair warning though: we are going to have a lot of days where the instructions will be something similar to “Take 8 minutes to establish your best 1 rep max for the day.” The key words here are “8 minutes” and “for the day.” Your one rep max numbers will likely be lower than what you have done in the past. It makes sense. In the past we have given you 30 minutes or more to build up to a one rep max. Now we are asking you to lift as heavy as possible in a very short amount of time (after sufficient warm-up). So don’t freak out if your numbers appear smaller.

Our training has to be practical, prudent and purposeful. This next 6-8 weeks will be beneficial to your strength gains and overall fitness. Get after it. Live strong!